AP Newsletter - Barnsdale News - Aug 2017

Clarification on Remedial Work

A couple of queries have emerged regarding remedial work undertaken by George Barnsdale that we just thought it would be helpful to clarify:

  • Access – George Barnsdale is only equipped to undertake remedial work off a ladder. If the remediation requires more sophisticated access equipment, it is the responsibility of the Approved Partner to make that available.
  • Paint – If George Barnsdale needs to carry out any remedial work on the paint on site it will be done by hand. This remains in accordance with our maintenance and guarantee arrangements. It goes without saying that none of us want to do any remedial work but sometimes it is inevitable. In those cases, hand painting is a totally acceptable solution.


Wood Window Alliance

WWA Logo

As we have had a couple of enquiries lately regarding WWA resources, we thought it might be helpful to clarify the situation. George Barnsdale pays an annual membership to belong to the WWA. However, our membership does not extend to companies who trade with us, and so use of WWA resources does not extend to our Partners. Affiliate membership however, is available from WWA for a fee. It’s just like the FSC® ruling – we have accreditation / membership but not our Partners.


GGF Planning Guide

Just a reminder about the GGF’s recent launch of their Homeowner’s Guide to Planning Consent, which includes a handy concise flowchart to determine if Planning Consent is, or may be, required in relation to a property. More information is available by clicking here.


Marketing Update

Homebuilding & Renovating Ad by George Barnsdale


A year of Test & Learn

During the first half of this year, we’ve trialled a series of advert formats/messages across a variety of online and offline mediums. This has included:

  • Ongoing Adwords campaign across all regions where Approved Partners operate;
  • Continued investment in SEO for improved SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) and goal conversions on our website;
  • ½ page ads in Homebuilding & Renovating;
  • ½ page ads in Period Living;
  • ½ page ads in Aga Living;
  • Online presence on www.homebuilding.co.uk and www.periodliving.co.uk (MPUs, Sourcebook and content articles);
  • Inclusion in Newswires from national publications – including Real Homes, Homebuilding & Renovating and Period Living;
  • Regional Advertising – Yorkshire Living, London (North and South) Living titles, plus Surrey Living titles;
  • Social Media – we have been trialling at how social media (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz especially) fit with our strategy to B2C.

When we evaluate advertising spend we look at:

  1. The number of leads generated;
  2. The quality of leads (Enquiry-Quote-Order Conversion);
  3. Goal Conversions on the website.

To help with our evaluation we need your help and this is why it’s so important that relevant and timely feedback is given to Tegan, our Sales Coordinator.


Website Development

Looking at User Experience (UX), keyword positions and our visibility ranking compared with some key competitors, we are committed to continued investment (i.e. a substantial monthly spend) on our website. We are working on some revised concepts currently which will be implemented by Q4 and are a very exciting development for us.

We are also committed to increasing our blog catalogue and, as we always mention, case studies are key to helping us with our website strategy from a localised keyword perspective – the more effort you put in with case studies, the more it benefits us both but we need your input.