AP Newsletter - Product News - Aug 2017

Product Focus – Contemporizing Entrance Doors

We are seeing an increased homeowner interest in more contemporary timber door designs. To reflect that interest we are updating our default door design.

Until recently, entrance doors would be constructed with a frame around the door slab. Our revised design removes the frame around the door slab, offering a more contemporary single surface design that better accommodates new furniture styles. Some examples of our Contemporary Door designs are shown below – we’ve taken some quick snaps before they leave the factory. Of course, we would ideally love to photograph products when installed but we need your help to do this.

In the images below, the door on the left is a more formal version with frame around the sash, and on the right an ultra contemporary version with single slab sash.

Contemporary Timber Doors in our Workshop

Please feel free to discuss designs with our Estimating Team (Tim, Robin and Chrissy) when making an enquiry. With our high levels of customisation we can work with you to ensure the end product meets customer expectations.


Latest Integral Blind Options

Our supplier has recently announced some new product releases. Firstly a new swipe control system. This replaces the cord control and the blinds are operated via the use of a sliding control down the side of the glazing unit. This option improves on the previous cord control for a couple of reasons: there isn’t a cord (the new regulations tightly control the length of cords to prevent children getting caught in them do not apply); also the projection of the slider is much smaller meaning that for sliding and bi-fold doors the control is not going to interfere with the sashes sliding past one another or clashing when the doors are concertinaed together.

Secondly, a version of the blind has been launched that works with a 16mm cavity meaning blinds can now be integrated into standard 24mm glazing units, this option is only available with the slider control noted above so another reason to use this control as standard. Please also remember that blinds can be operated with various different types of motors, either mains operated which will be the most expensive and complex option but also battery/solar powered options that don’t require hardly any wiring.

If you have anyone requesting integral blinds and are not sure about the options please contact us and we can discuss them in more detail.


Part Q Reminder

Part Q (Security-Dwellings) of the Build Regulations came into force on all Building Approvals after 1st October 2015. The full effect of it is now becoming evident, and so we felt a quick revisit might be helpful.

A few facts are useful to start with:

  • It applies to new dwellings only (not to extensions or any other changes) including: (i) a dwelling from the outside, (ii) parts of a building containing flats from outside and (iii) a flat from the common parts of the building.
  • It applies to “Easily Accessible doors and windows” which covers: (i) a doorset or window any part of which is within 2m vertically of an accessible surface such as the ground or basement level, or an access balcony and (ii) a window within 2m vertically of a flat or sloping roof (with a pitch of less than 30 degrees) that is within 3.5m of ground level.
  • Compliance is easiest to achieve by obtaining tests to PAS24 from a UKAS accredited test house.
  • Test evidence can be cascaded. So if an ironmongery company has a product tested that complies that evidence can be used to prove compliance by a manufacturer.
  • “Bespoke Products” do not require a full test but need cascaded evidence to attempt to prove compliance (please note, this is currently a very grey area).
  • Most people supplying a very wide range of products do not yet have fully compliant products but are using cascading evidence to demonstrate they comply. Up until now this appears to have worked but is a very unsatisfactory solution.

We are putting a huge investment into improving our product range. Last year we redesigned and tested our full range of Sliding Sash windows and almost all combinations of inward and outward opening door sets. All achieved excellent performance for security, air and water penetration, wind loading, thermal and acoustic performance. Looking forward, we are currently redeveloping the casement windows range and expect to announce full compliance by Autumn.


The Safety Marking of Glass

The Marking of Safety Glass - an example of what should be included inthe mark.

There have been discussions recently about the removal of Safety Marks from IGUs with safety glass, at the request of a homeowner. We do not endorse this position and advise strongly against it. Our recent blog post gives clear guidance on the issue – click here for full details.