In Focus: Historic Range

Historic buildings that have been listed or are in conservation areas often have specific requirements regarding aesthetics, materials and manufacturing methods.


Working closely with conservation officers and architects, we have developed a range of products that accurately match the features of original windows including a wide range of profiles, glazing options (including narrow double glazed units and single glazing), narrow frame and sash profiles and traditional glazing methods.

The products included in the historic range maintain most of the performance features of our high performance traditional range including double draught seals for exceptional weather performance.

The historic range has been designed specifically to meet the stringent planning requirements common for listed buildings and conservation areas. With a focus on achieving high performance, whilst accurately matching the original design features.

The historic range consists of:

Timber Flush Casement Windows

Our historic timber flush casement windows have been developed to maintain the original aesthetics whilst providing improved performance. There are a wide range of profile, glazing, ironmongery, timber and paint options available, all offering our market leading guarantees.

Timber Sash Windows

Our historic timber sash windows provide a wide range of original profiles and glazing methods to provide an accurate match to existing designs as well as high quality hardware with original locking systems and cord and weight balances.

Timber Yorkshire Sash Windows

Our historic Yorkshire sash window couples a traditional horizontal sliding mechanism with advanced draughtproofing. There are a wide range of profiles and glazing options to allow it to match with existing windows and an extensive range of glazing, timber and paint options are available.

Timber Entrance Doors

We have a range of historic timber entrance doors, all with the option of multipoint locking or traditional locks, fully adjustable traditional hinges, as well as excellent weatherproofing. As with our main range, the product can be specified to match any design that you require.

One of the key areas of development within this range has been our glazing systems.

We are able to offer a range of reliable high performance glazing systems backed up by long life guarantees. Working with planning authorities and conservation officers has allowed us to provide a wide range of narrow double glazing options that meet the requirements of most installations.

Through substantial investment in research and testing we have ensured that our range of historic timber windows and doors will excel in all areas of performance and we have extensive test data (all from third party, UKAS approved test houses) to demonstrate this.

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