Advanced Coating System

Our advanced coating system provides maximum protection to the timber, while allowing it to breathe and lets its natural beauty to show through. The diagram below illustrates our coating process and it is through applying our coatings in such a meticulous way, that we are able to provide the best coatings guarantees on the market.

Wood Finish - Timber


When selecting timber we not only look at stability and strength, but we also take into consideration how well it combines with our advanced coating system. We will only use timber from which we can manufacture beautiful windows and doors that are durable and require minimal maintenance.

Wood Finish - Base Flowcoat

Base flowcoat:

Firstly, the product is deluged with a specifically designed preservative combined with a basecoat which penetrates the timber, providing excellent protection against UV radiation. This process also provides the colour pigmentation required for stain finishes.

Wood Finish - Mid Flowcoat

Mid flowcoat:

This stage involves the application of a second flowcoat, but this time the product is deluged with a clear solution which penetrates the timber to provide protection against moisture. This mid flowcoat provides a perfect base for the spray applied coats.

Wood Finish - Mid Coat

Mid coat:

We apply a first spray coat with special properties for protecting the timber and regulating its moisture, as well as providing an excellent surface for the adhesion of the top coat.

Wood Finish - Top Coat

Top coat:

Finally we apply the top coat in the required colour, whereas for a stained finish, a second application of the primary spray coat is applied. The spraycoats are applied using a purpose built spraying robot and finished by hand by our skilled craftsmen.

Our Coating Facilities

Through investment in our factory, we are able to ensure the best possible environment for coating application.

Our entire factory is humidity controlled, meaning that the timber is kept at the right moisture content throughout the production process. And, we operate an advanced coating line with precise application by robot with an ultra-high humidity flash off area allowing the coating to settle.

Coating Guarantees

As standard we provide a 10 year guarantee for paint finishes and a 7 year guarantee for stain finishes.