Our Factory

Our factory is where time-honoured design and twenty-first century technology meet.

Manufacturing machinery and processes have been at the heart of our product development throughout our history and are crucial to the quality of the final product.

CNC controlled machinery

CNC controlled machinery linked to our main software system allows us to efficiently and accurately manufacture your product to order, machining end connections, profiles and routing for hardware. This automation allows us to manufacture a customised window in a way that is more typical of high volume manufacturers.

Humidity control system

The humidity throughout the factory and storage area is fully controlled. Different areas require different levels of humidity allowing us to control the moisture content of the timber and paint drying from start to finish. This is important for ensuring the long life of our timber windows and doors as it helps to prevent significant movement in the products when they are installed.

Robotic Paint Facility

We were the first UK company to invest in a robotic paint facility which provides us with the ability to apply a consistent coating to our products in a perfectly controlled environment. The efficiency gains from this system have allowed us to develop an advanced paint system that enables us to provide industry leading guarantees. For more information, visit Our Guarantees page.

Our Guarantees