Historic Timber French Doors

Providing a high degree of flexibility, our historic timber French door designs can be completely customised to provide an exact match to the original. With the option of single and slim insulated glazing units, all designs can incorporate  solid glazing bars and traditional optics for authenticity.

To replicate period aesthetics, the historic timber French door features a one handle locking system. This one handle system incorporates a handle on the master door, with shootbolts both top and bottom in the slave door that are operated by a concealed lever that is accessible when the master door opens.

Available as either outward or inward opening, all outward opening historic French doorsets are fitted with a restrictor. The restrictor limits opening to 90 degrees to prevent damage form the door being blown in the wind.

Similar to French doorsets from our Traditional Range, the historic timber French door incorporates multi-point locking and the most advanced cylinder locks. Both features ensure high levels of security.

Also, as is the case with the Traditional Range design, the Historic French doorset incorporates concealed gaskets and sealing plugs between the doors and the frame. These features ensure that the entirety of the frame is completely sealed, helping to provide excellent performance against the elements.

Continued perfect operation is ensured through adjustable hinges and keeps.

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Download Technical Specifications

For Performance Data, CAD drawings and NBS Data visit our Technical Specifications page


Historic Timber French Door Design - Key Features

Timber Coating Ral Colour Options

Paint and Stain Colours

For further customisation we offer an extensive selection of paint and stain colours. If the colour that you require is not included in our selection, then we do offer a colour matching service.

historic french doors

Improved Energy Efficiency

One area of contention in the sympathetic replacement of timber French doorsets is energy efficiency. We offer slim insulated glazing units to provide a compromise between energy efficiency and authenticity.

example of our machine drawn glass for Traditional Optics

Restoration Glass with Traditional Optics

To help address the challenges concerning the loss of authentic reflection of the original glazing, we can incorporate both hand and machine drawn glass into the design of our historic French doorset.

our adjustable hinges allow for easy maintenance

Adjustable for perfect operation

Our historic French door designs incorporate both adjustable hinges and keeps which allow the door to be set after installation. This helps to maintain the perfect balance between ease of closing and tight weathersealing.

French door handle from Th Foundry Collection

Period Matching Hardware

From our door furniture collections there are a number of period matching handles available in a wide range of finishing options.

timber french door with outward opening restictor

Concealed Restrictor

To help prevent damage from the door being blown in the wind, all outward opening French doorsets are fitted with a restrictor to limit opening to 90 degrees.


We know that replacing wooden windows and doors can be a big undertaking, and so we offer a range of services to make the undertaking as simple and pain-free as possible.


Our industry leading manufacturer backed guarantees ensure that our windows and doors will last for many years.

  • 10 Year Glazing Unit Guarantee
  • 10 Year Hardware Guarantee
  • 30 Year Wood Preservative Guarantee
  • 7 Year Stain Coating Guarantee
  • 10 Year Paint Guarantee
  • 10 Year Weather Seal Guarantee