Traditional Wooden Tilt & Turn Windows

Offering complete versatility, the wooden tilt and turn window design can be adapted to operate in the way that best suits your needs. Incorporating a dual hinge system the window opens into the room from either the side (i.e. the turn position) or the top (i.e. the tilt position).

The tilt position provides ventilation whilst the turn position allows for easy cleaning of the outside glass and frame. Both the tilt and turn positions are easily operated by handles across our Furniture Collections -see the Furniture tab for further details.

For excellent security, multi-point locking is distributed around the frame of the wooden tilt and turn windows, with the additional option of laminated security glass. For secure ventilation the handle can be locked in the tilted position.

Weather performance is achieved through the incorporation of a number of innovative features including dual weather seals. Discreetly positioned to not detract from the authentic appearance of the wooden tilt and turn window, the weather seals help to retain warmth and exclude noise and moisture.

With a number of paint, glazing and window furniture options, the window can easily be customised to achieve perfect harmony with the rest of your home - see the Materials tab for further details.

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Traditional Wooden Tilt & Turn Windows - Key Features

Open Tilt Traditional Timber Tilt And Turn Window

Secure Ventilation

For ventilation purposes, by turning the handle 90 degrees the window will tilt open. For security, the handle can be locked in this tilt position.

Open Wooden Traditional Range Tilt And Turn Window

Ease of Cleaning

In the turn position, the window turns inwards to enable easy cleaning of the outside glass and frame.

Traditional Timber Tilt & Turn Window Closed

Support of Larger Sizes

The window’s high performance hinge mechanisms mean that the tilt and turn design can support a large number of sizes, including triple-glazed units.

Timber tilt and turn windows - dual weather seals for excellent weather performance.

Excellent Weather Performance

Dual weather seals are incorporated into all pivot window designs to retain warmth and exclude noise and moisture.

Timber tilt and turn window - multi-point locking for high security

High Security

A multi-point locking system provides locking points around the entirety of the frame.

Timber Coating Ral Colour Options


To ensure a perfect fit with your home we offer a number of layout, coating, furniture and glazing options (see the Materials, Furniture and Design tabs above).


We know that replacing wooden windows and doors can be a big undertaking, and so we offer a range of services to make the undertaking as simple and pain-free as possible.


Our industry leading manufacturer backed guarantees ensure that our windows and doors will last for many years.

  • 10 Year Glazing Unit Guarantee
  • 10 Year Hardware Guarantee
  • 30 Year Wood Preservative Guarantee
  • 7 Year Stain Coating Guarantee
  • 10 Year Paint Guarantee
  • 10 Year Weather Seal Guarantee