Timber French Doors - Design

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Traditional Design
Historic Design

Opening Method

With a choice of opening methods, our French doorsets are simple to operate:

Two Handle Locking System

This, our standard opening option, operates by the master door locking into the slave door with the slave door having both top and bottom shootbolts which are operated by a handle.

  • Two Handle Locking System

One Handle Locking System

Replicating the aesthetics of a traditional timber door, the master door is operated by a handle and the slave door has shootbolts both top and bottom which are operated by a concealed lever that is accessible when the master door opens.

  • One Handle Locking System

French Doorset Configurations

We have a number of door styles and configurations as standard, which are summarised below. These standard door designs are provided as a guide to provide inspiration. In reality, we can manufacture to any design specification, meaning that we can meet any bespoke needs.

French Door Style Options

Patio 501
  • Patio 501
Patio 502
  • Patio 502

French Door Layout Options

  • D101
  • D102
  • D103
  • D401
  • D402
  • D411
  • D412
  • D413

Our guarantees

Our industry leading manufacturer backed guarantees ensure that our windows and doors will last for many years.

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