Timber Tilt & Turn Windows

Originating from continental Europe, timber tilt & turn windows provide exceptional versatility and performance. Incorporating a high performance dual hinge system, the window design can open into the room from either the side or the top. Rotating the handle by 90 degrees allows the window to tilt open for secure ventilation; rotating the handle 180 degrees allows the window to turn inwards.

Our timber tilt & turn windows can support a large number of sizes, including triple-glazed units. Coupled with a variety of paint, stain and window furniture options, the window can be highly customised to meet precise project requirements.

For maximum security, multi-point locking is distributed around the frame and toughened glass can be specified to meet the demands of Part Q. Excellent weather performance is provided by the incorporation of dual weather seals, discreetly positioned.

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Traditional Range
Traditional Range
Traditional Range

Timber Tilt & Turn Windows - Key Features

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    Multi-point Locking (For High Security)

    The multi-point locking system provides locking points around all four sides of the sash. In addition to providing excellent security performance, these fixing points prevent the timber from moving, contributing to the long-life of the windows.

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    Dual Weather Seals (For Excellent Weather Performance)

    Discreetly located in the sash the dual weather seals help to retain warmth and exclude noise and moisture.

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    Multi-position opening (For Versatility)

    Tilt – Rotating the handle by 90 degrees allows the window to tilt open for ventilation purposes. For security, the handle can be locked in this position.

    Turn – Rotating the handle by 180 degrees allows the window to turn inwards. This enables the cleaning of the outside glass and frame.

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    Concealed Hinges (Ease of Use)

    As standard all timber tilt & turn window designs are supplied with a concealed hinge located within the frame. The concealed hinge retains the opened window position firmly in place without the need for additional stays and is invisible from the inside when the window is closed.

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    Support of Larger Sizes (Versatility of Design)

    Incorporating high performance hinge mechanisms, our tilt & turn windows can support a large number of sizes, including triple-glazed units.

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Like all of our wooden window designs, the tilt & turn window can be customised for a perfect fit, whether you are working on a traditional refurbishment or an inventive new-build project.

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To achieve perfect harmony with your home, we offer an extensive choice of glazing, paint and tilt & turn window furniture.

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