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About us

We’re timber window and door specialists, and we’re proud of the knowledge, innovation and care that goes into every single product we make.

Every day we’re pushing ourselves to be better than the day before. How can we make better windows and doors? How can we preserve natural resources? How can we help our customers run successful projects? How can we uplift communities with thoughtfully preserved buildings?

We’re pioneers. Craftsmen. Mad scientists. Historians. Engineers. Designers. Project managers. We’re problem-solvers. We’re custodians.

We’re family.

Pictured: Our MD Tom and his dad, Steve


Protecting the environment and running an ecologically conscious and responsible business is important to us. We work hard to source our timber from the most sustainable forests. Our factory employs a number of energy and waste saving measures that reduce our carbon footprint, including recycled fuel made from timber waste that powers our generator.


We consider ourselves custodians of great buildings. We’re here to improve and care for buildings, and ensure their longevity long after we’re gone. We’re committed to creating products that help extend the lifespan of buildings that bring use and joy to communities for centuries, and that perfectly preserve the unique character of wonderful homes and workspaces.


Our local area of Donington, Lincolnshire, is fundamental to us. We’re proud to bring valuable, highly skilled jobs to the area and contribute towards the local economy. We’re inspired by the beauty of the landscape around us to protect the natural resources that make our work possible, and committed to contributing to our rich and historied community.

Precision engineering

We’re detail-oriented perfectionists. Everything we do is to an extremely high quality, to ensure the longevity and performance of our products. From technical specifications to hand-painting the finishing touches, we’re committed to delivering a product that goes above and beyond expectations.


We’re proud to be a family business, and our team is an extended family. We take care of each other, share our knowledge, and give people the opportunity to be the best versions of themselves.

Research & development

Our on-site testing centre is one-of-a-kind. We built it so that we can carry out quality tests on our products that aren’t available anywhere else. This allows us to give our customers peace of mind, knowing they are working with the best possible product on the market.

Our story

All of us at George Barnsdale are passionate about what we do. Inquisitive by nature (we love solving problems), with a restless ambition to continuously improve, means that we can consistently deliver on our promise to manufacture premium, high performance timber windows and doors that provide long life with low maintenance.

We blend detailed design with premium materials and cutting-edge technologies to ensure our windows and doors are made to the most exacting standards and deliver only exceptional performance.

Few UK manufacturers could claim our depth of experience in building products that fit so precisely into a customer’s programme of work. Our experience allows us to work with your original creative vision, however specialised and challenging the brief and develop it into a realistic, compatible and visually-compelling application that is delivered ready to be installed.

Our story started in 1884 when a 21-year-old man named George Barnsdale purchased a plot of land in Donington Market Place, comprising of a house, workshop and a storage shed for timber. He began a small carpentry business that soon built a reputation on quality craftsmanship.

Meet the Team

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