We pride ourselves on producing a premium product, so naturally quality and performance is at the heart of our procurement and manufacturing process. What makes us truly unique is the way our manufacturing process has been designed to provide high levels of customisation. Through automation, we can manufacture truly unique timber windows and glassdoors that still provide the same superior levels of performance as you would expect from our standard designs.

To help bring our commitment to  timber window and glassdoor quality and performance to life, some key points about our factory are listed below:

CNC Controlled Machinery

CNC controlled machinery linked to our main software system allows us to efficiently and accurately manufacture your product to order, machining end connections, profiles and routing for hardware. This automation allows us to manufacture a customised window or glassdor in a way that is more typical of high volume manufacturers.

Humidity Control

Moisture content plays a significant role in the production of joinery products. Getting it wrong means excessive movement, leading to doors and window sashes sticking and premature coatings failure. To ensure we get it right, every part of the factory (including storage) is humidity controlled and in our paint workshop, where humidity is so crucial, we have three climatic conditions. In addition, we test humidity levels of all timber that is delivered; if it doesn’t fall between our specified levels then we will reject it.

Coating Process

The way in which we apply the coating significantly impacts the performance of our products and the guarantees which we can provide. To allow us to provide the most comprehensive coating guarantees available in the UK – as standard 10 years for paint and 7 for stain.

Glazing Standards

We employ our own stringent Glazing Visual Quality Standard which exceeds that of the Glass and Glazing Federation, accepting only the best glass guaranteeing the clearest view with the maximum light inside. Consequently, we inspect every glazing unit for every window and glassdoor and if it doesn’t live up to our own standards we will reject it.

Finishing by Hand

Whilst we have significantly invested in machinery to provide the best timber windows and doors in the UK, at every stage of the process we finish by hand. This allows us to exercise rigorous quality controls on all timber windows and glassdoors manufactured.

If you would like to visit our factory to find out more about how we manufacture or see the glassdoors being built then please give us a call on 01775 823000 and we can arrange a tour of manufacturing and our Research & Development Test Centre.