We are corporate sponsors of the Woodland Trust and also undertake campaigns to promote tree planting including sending 100 saplings to architects to encourage them to think seriously about using timber rather than uPVC or aluminium as part of the wider carbon capture agenda.

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As part of our Environmental Policy, we have a number of environmental objectives  (click on the link below) and we strive to meet these by undertaking the following:

Reducing Waste

We work tirelessly to minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill:

  • As part of our procurement process we only purchase specific lengths of timber to help reduce waste;
  • Through our automation process, the software system will match the timber dimensions for product manufacture automatically, ensuring only the correct length of timber is selected from storage;
  • With a 300kw boiler on site, any excess timber is used to heat the factory and offices;
  • Any remaining timber matter is then converted into briquettes which are sold to local residents for use in wood burning fires;
  • To reduce paint waste we purchase the majority of our paint in 1,000 litre intermediate bulk containers and mix individual colours in house;
  • All other waste is segregated for recycling.

Energy Consumption

We continuously strive to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels:

  • Solar panels are installed on the roofs of our offices and factory. On average, over the course of a year this produces 80 megawatts per hour;
  • The factory’s humidity control is delivered through a high pressure water system, which saves energy;
  • Our main compressor is electronically controlled to reduce energy consumption;
  • Similarly, each motor in our extraction system is electronically controlled to reduce energy consumption;
  • Most of our lighting uses the most efficient LEDs currently available.

Saving energy through good design

Timber is a natural insulator and when coupled with high performance glass, offers excellent insulation against heat loss. In the design of our product range, we strive to optimise this natural potential. We were the first UK timber window and door manufacturer to produce an A rated timber window, and are dedicated to having the widest range of energy rated timber products in the country. As well as excellent thermal performance, we design our products to last with little maintenance. This means that the production inputs are recovered many times over

We periodically review our Environmental Policy in light of our current and planned future activities. To view a copy of our Environmental Policy, click here.