March 8, 2018


For over 134 years George Barnsdale have been experts in fenestration and all things timber, but what is fenestration?

Originating from the Latin word fenestra, meaning window, fenestration refers to the openings in a building’s facade. In simple terms, fenestration can be explained as the arrangement of windows, doors and openings in a building.

However, there is more to fenestration than putting a load of openings in a building. The more solid a structure, the more stable it will be. When you start adding holes to any facade, the weaker it will become.

Hence, why ancient temples and monuments have fewer windows and openings in them. Early builders struggled to maintain the strength of a structure when removing or replacing the supporting walls with space, as it is difficult to load weight onto a hole or gap.

Advances in construction have made it much easier for architects, and developers to match the aspirations to the builder’s capabilities. Therefore, fenestration has become an integral part to the designs and plans.

George Barnsdale Fenestration

It is still not as simple as just banging in as many windows as you can into any property or build, as fenestration can greatly affect the functionality of the location and required usage of the building.

That is why at George Barnsdale we design, install and manufacture bespoke fenestration products that will provide benefit to the specific needs of the project.

Working with main contractors, architects and clients, we recognise the requirements of each development are unique, and provide a solution to suit.

The openings in a building should add value to the project. South facing openings will allow sunlight in, and provide not just lighting, but additional heat, enabling savings on energy bills.

Shopfronts should allow passers-by to see the products and into the units, where as upper story units above them may want to reduce the visual accessibility from the street to enhance privacy.

Project planning for the placement of openings can therefore be a fine balance between privacy and publicity. George Barnsdale can provide a complete service for all your needs from initial enquiry through to after sales support, so if you need a hand with your Fenestration take a look at how we work.

For our domestic installations we are FENSA regulated, as are the network of approved partners that we use.