June 14, 2018

Issues with your doors? Don’t panic, before you spend loads on getting it repaired, find out if you can solve the issue yourself with a simple door adjustment or one of these other simple techniques.

Take a look at our guide to potential issues with entrance, single, stable and French doors.


The door is not operating as expected, including issues with resistance to closing, contact with frame and locking issues.


Door operation issues are normally an indication that a door adjustment is required. It is important for a door to be adjusted correctly at installation, a few weeks after installation and then as required afterwards (frequency will depend on a number of factors including usage, weather and exposure).


All our doors now come with the 3D Hinge, although dependent on the age of your door you may have the 2D one’s fitted.

See the images below to help identify which hinge you have:

3D Hinge

2D Middle

2D Top

Concealed Hinge

The door needs adjusting and should be done in accordance with our door set-up procedure.

1. The doors require a gap of 4mm +/-1mm to lock correctly. In this position it will be easy to operate the handle, lock with the key / thumbturn and also prevent any issues with frame contact. To achieve this gap, you need to adjust the hinges as follows:
a. Most hinges we supply are fully adjustable. When the fitting is complete please check that the door is true and square in the frame with an equal gap. The standard hinges can be adjusted vertically and horizontally as shown in the following series of diagrams.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT adjust with a power tool, hand tool adjustment only.

2. Once the doors have been adjusted to the correct position, it is then important to adjust the lock keeps to ensure the door shuts correctly, pulling it tight on the weatherseals without it being difficult to use. This can be done as follows:
a. Most keeps we supply are fully adjustable. When the hinges have been adjusted, the keeps should also be adjusted.

3. This should then mean the door is operating correctly. Sometimes, if the door has been allowed to get significantly out of adjustment there can sometimes be damage to the coating and the gaskets. If this occurs, the coating should be repaired according to the Owner’s Manual and we can supply any replacement gaskets – we would need photographs to clarify which parts are damaged.

4. If there are still operational issues with the door, it is important to be sure it is installed correctly as per the Installation Manual – any issues regarding this should be resolved directly with the installer of the product (if the installation was made by Barnsdale Windows, please progress to point 5.).

5. If after doing this, the door is still not opening or locking correctly, please contact our customer care team providing the following information:

a. A detailed description of the issue
b. Photos to demonstrate the issue along with a photo of the complete door in situ from outside
c. Identify any parts /details that you think may be causing the issue and include photographs
d. If the issue is due to contact between the door and the frame, provide the door width measurement and the frame opening width measurement


It is the responsibility of the installer of the door to ensure that it is installed square and plumb and setup correctly when fitted.
It is then the owner’s responsibility to adjust the door as required from that point onwards.