January 18, 2018

First impressions really are everything when it comes to your home. In a previous article on what your front door says about you we eluded to the fact that the colour of your front door not only says a lot about you as a person, but can also help increase the value of your residence, and hopefully now we can help with what colour door is best for your sale.

The Bishops Avenue

A bit of pride over the appearance of your entrance can instantaneously improve the curb appeal and raise the value of your property. Estate agents around the UK agree that something as relatively simple as having a fresh looking front door will have a huge impact on the ease of selling your house.

In addition, the colour you choose can help you sell your property quicker, and your door can be transformed into the centrepiece for your palace. It is a fact that the first thing potential buyers will notice about your property is the front door and this why you want to make the best possible first impression.

However, although bold colours work for some, it may not work for others. When selecting your door colour, it is worth thinking about what you are hoping to achieve and who the area might be right for.

Following Ultra Violet being named the Pantone colour of 2018, we have seen a flurry of requests on purple doors. Previous seasonal fashionable statement colours that won the award such as turquoise, masala and tangerine tango have also been popular.

Bright yellows and pinks can definitely turn your location from drab to fab, but traditional colours may also be the order of the day. Popular colours here include; dark grey and sage green.

Head of Savills country department, Lindsay Cuthill explains; ”Extreme colours only work for the few; orange, lime green and pink are all out there, but are not likely to have broad appeal”

Before you head off to buy the first brightly coloured door you see it is worth remembering that prospective buyers will make their minds up in seconds of first viewing the house. Therefore, a beautifully painted front door could make all the difference between receiving an offer and losing out, but what colour door you choose should be based on a bit of thought and insight.

Estate agents have gone as far as to say that the colour of the door could influence the buyer’s choice and even the size of the offer. In fact, dependant on the location where you live and style of property, the colour and shade could be the most important factor in terms of getting the buyer over the line.

So, what colour door is going to be best for you? It makes sense that for those sellers living in a country village should stay away from brightly coloured paints and go for a complimentary varnish, or stain on a wooden door to fit in with the surrounding environment.

Timber Front Door with no glazing

Alternatively, for those living in a chillier climate or duller property, should look to brighten up their entrance with a bolder statement colour.

A coastal property, should again tie in with its surroundings and have a coat that matches the ocean. In addition, at George Barnsdale, we highly recommend choosing an Accoya timber door. Accoya has earned the highest durability rating of any timber, providing a good base for our advanced paint system and promotes a long lasting, low maintenance finished product.

Pax House

If you own a red brick property, the experts suggest a dark blue entrance door and what is apparent with all properties is that the finish should be fitting to the highest standard to achieve the maximum offer.

In a recent survey conducted by Dulux Weathershield, almost a third of all residents in the UK would pay 25% more for a home with a freshly painted front door and brickwork.

This theory is also backed by TV presenter and property expert Sarah Beeney: “Front doors are the first thing potential buyers see and first impressions really do count, so I’m a huge advocate of making them look brilliant when preparing a home for sale.”

We have seen a rapid increase of customers selecting brightly coloured doors to aid the sale of their home and many have gone a step further to secure the sale of their home, by choosing the matching coloured wooden windows to go with the door.

In fact, sales of our dual coloured products have rocketed recently, where customers have gone for a bright and bold exterior colour, but a more traditional colour on the interior of their home.

If you are looking to sell your property in the near future, then maybe before you embark on the decluttering and all the other tidy up jobs, it is worth having a look at what colour door is right for selling your home.

The installation of our wooden windows and doors makes it simple to change the look and feel of your home in an instant and be assured that all our doors go through a rigorous process to ensure their up to the job. Therefore, to get the maximum price for your home, you should ensure that your windows and doors are looking their best for your upcoming showings.