May 7, 2013

Through excellent design, advanced coatings and a robotic climate controlled paint facility, our timber windows and doors are optimised for long life performance, as well as providing an exceptional finish which allows the characteristics of the wood to show through.



Over recent years the long life performance of timber windows has increased dramatically due to the advances in coatings. However, there are still many weaknesses in products being sold in the UK because the designs are not optimised for the coating and the coating is applied in poor conditions.

At George Barnsdale we have spent the past 20 years optimising every part of our designs and production system to ensure that we maximise the quality of our coatings. Our goal is to provide a coating that gives the highest quality of finish showing the characteristics of the timber and to ensure a long life with minimal maintenance. Some of the features that allow us to achieve this are:

  • 3mm rounds on all corners as standard allowing the paint to have a constant thickness (if paint is applied to a sharp edge, its film thickness will be smaller and it will erode faster).
  • Internally beaded glazing systems, protecting the weakest part of the glazing system from the elements.
  • Humidity controlled factory, ensuring that the timber is kept at the right moisture content throughout the production process (prevents significant movement in the product when it is installed – typically this occurs due to the product going from a dry factory environment and fitted into the more humid natural environment).
  • Extensive preparation for painting including end grain sealing and joint sealing, to protect the vulnerable parts of the timber, as well as careful denibbing of the product (this involves smoothing off any lifting of the grain nibs that result from machining) for an optimal finish.
  • Advanced coating line with precise application by robot with ultra-high humidity flash off area allowing the coating to settle.
  • Extensive checks between coats to ensure that the timber is correctly coated and the finish is applied to our exacting standard.
  • In addition to our attention to design and application, we also ensure that we are using the absolute best coating products. We work very closely with our coatings supplier to optimise the products available to create the best system, utilise the latest products available and get technical input on how best to optimise our designs and facilities.

Our coating system has been developed to get the maximum performance from the coatings. As a result we can offer our industry leading guarantee across our range of products. Whilst this is restricted in a few cases (due to location or a small number of product options having restrictions) nearly all of our products will be supplied with the maximum guarantee period.