May 14, 2020

Since restarting our factory operations a few weeks ago and successfully embedding the new social distancing practises, we are delighted to now be operating at close to normal capacity. New orders are going into the factory and staff  are really getting to grips with the measures taken to ensure their safety. Tom Wright, Managing Director said “I’m really pleased with the measures we took early on starting with a small number of factory staff which allowed us to test our new systems and refine them prior to getting the wider production team back. The staff have embraced the changes and are working exceptionally hard to get us back up to pre-covid capacity.”

A number of changes have been made including staggered starting and finishing times to minimise contact between staff members. We are finding that the staggered breaks are also working well and many people are choosing to take their breaks in their own vehicles alone. Along with extra cleaning throughout the day, antibacterial gels and additional hand washing is being advised. Masks are also available as well as visors that were manufactured on-site similar to the ones we are still producing for NHS and healthcare workers.