January 8, 2020

As part of its ongoing drive to reduce its carbon footprint though its processes, UK- based manufacturing operation and constant refinement of its products, George Barnsdale was delighted to hear the Government’s plans to make new homes much kinder to the environment.

The Future Homes Standard,  currently under consultation aims to ensure that new homes will  generate almost 80% less carbon emissions than a home built to current standards by 2025.

Current thinking is that this will require triple glazing for windows which is something that George Barnsdale already offers to clients. However, similar results can be achieved with very good double glazing and the multitude of test data reports that the company has means it can optimise its timber windows and doors to retain their aesthetics as well as performance. Timber is also a great way to build carbon capture into a project and this is already being recognised by homeowners and architects alike. The latest technology in precision manufacturing and long lasting paints and stains mean timber windows and doors from George Barnsdale are capable of outliving uPVC by up to four times longer.

As well as initiatives like waste reduction, reduced energy consumption initiatives and designing products to be environmentally friendly, George Barnsdale has also become a corporate sponsor of the Woodland Trust and is currently looking at more sustainable ways to protectively package its windows and doors.