June 15, 2020

George Barnsdale has been officially named as an Accoya® Approved Manufacturer by Accys Group, having completed a comprehensive wood training programme.

Accoya® is a timber product that is made using Accsys’ proprietary patent protected non toxic process called acetylation which takes radiata pine to create modified wood equal or better than tropical hardwood in terms of its finish,  durability and sustainability. Sourced from 100% sustainable forests, Accoya®  comes with a 50 year warranty for projects above ground which makes it an ideal choice for our timber windows and doors. Throughout its 135 years, George Barnsdale has always selected the very best materials for its windows and doors and since its development Accoya® has proved to be an excellent fit. The finish of the timber is perfect for the four stage painting process developed at the Lincolnshire joinery company’s factory and the stability eradicates twisting and warping, ensuring product performance is maintained at the highest standards.

Every piece of Accoya® has been modified to its core providing the same performance and protection no matter how the wood is cut, planed, drilled or shaped offering infinite opportunities for a bespoke manufacturer such as George Barnsdale. To find out more about Accoya® read our blog here.

Timber stored in humidity controlled conditions