May 29, 2024

Our new technical support line is the latest in our endeavours to provide quality, personalised technical support for architects and other professionals working in the building industry.

Whether you need a quick answer to a question, or an in-depth consultation about a very specific technical problem, our technical expert and Director, Steve Dixon, will be able to help you find the answers you need.

Are you an architect or building professional looking for technical support? Contact Steve Dixon now on 01775 823005.

Why call the technical line?

We understand that when working in the built environment industry, complex questions arise daily, and sometimes you just need to speak to someone to get the right solution for your particular needs. From staying up-to-date with the latest changes in regulations, to getting hold of detailed specifications for our products, the technical support line is your go-to resource for quick, honest and expertly tailored advice.

Who is Steve Dixon?

Steve is a Director at George Barnsdale who specialises in the technical specifications of our products. Since joining the company in 1990 as an Apprentice Bench Joiner, he has grown his career operating in multiple facets of our operation, as a Surveyor and Estimator, a Technical Engineer and a Sales Manager, before becoming a Director.

He has played a pivotal role in multiple high profile commercial projects, including The Lancasters – in which he oversaw the installation of 800 George Barnsdale windows in one of the most exclusive residential developments in Central London; and Gloucester Quays – a £150 million development that saw the renovation of various listed buildings.

“There were lots of specific requirements that had to be met with these windows and doors, such as fire standards, retail standards, loading standards, security standards and various thermal requirements, due to the nature of the buildings and their intended purpose. The windows and doors created by George Barnsdale successfully met all of these stringent standards.”

– Bastin Bloomfield, Architect, Dyer Group

With decades of experience in the technical requirements for both renovations and new builds, Steve is uniquely qualified to answer all your technical questions and give you the very best expert advice.

Connect with Steve on LinkedIn to find out more.

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