May 14, 2012

George Barnsdale have introduced a 10 Year Paint Guarantee with no redecoration required across our full range of timber windows and doors, ensuring that our products are supplied with the best coatings guarantee on the market.

Through excellent design, advanced coatings and a robotic climate controlled paint facility, the windows and doors are optimised for long life performance, as well as provide an excellent finish which allows the characteristics of the wood to show through.

George Barnsdale’s managing director, Stephen Wright says, “Over recent years the long life performance of timber windows has increased dramatically due to the advancements in coatings. However, there are still many weaknesses in products being sold in the UK because the designs are not optimised for the coating and the coating is applied in poor conditions.”

He continues, “We have spent the last 20 years optimising every part of our designs and production system to ensure that we maximise the quality of our coatings. Our goal is to provide a coating that gives the highest quality of finish and to ensure a long life with minimal maintenance.”

The coating system was developed in partnership with Remmers UK Ltd to ensure the maximum performance from the coatings. As a result Remmers UK Ltd offer their industry leading 10 year paint guarantee across the George Barnsdale range of products.