April 12, 2012

Watch the story of Timbmet’s exclusive, plantation grown, 100% FSC certified red hardwood and hear why industry experts agree it’s the hardwood of the future, featuring our Technical Director Steve Dixon.

We manufacture our windows and doors from a range of timber and we have used Red Grandis on a number of projects due to the aesthetics of the wood and its performance, stability and natural durability.

Red Grandis was used for the manufacture of the doors that were installed into The Lancasters, the multi-million pound development in London.

Technical Director Steve Dixon explains, “We used Timbmet’s unique plantation grown engineered Red Grandis on a previous project, so we knew it would be the perfect fit for The Lancasters. Not only is it pure FSC certified, but it has also received third party testing by TRADA Technology Ltd and achieved great results for natural durability and resistance to fungi, which is very positive for long term performance.”

He continued, “From an aesthetics point of view, we needed something that would look sympathetic to The Lancasters’ heritage. Red Grandis is a high quality, flawless, uniform timber that lends itself well to a variety of styles and shades and its consistent colour means wood stain can be applied to achieve the desired effect. It is easy to machine and shape and allows a much sharper cut, all of which saves us valuable production time and provides a much better finish overall – great for us and great for the customer.”

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*Featured video supplied by Timbmet.