July 5, 2017

We are currently working on replica timber windows and doors for a residential property located within the Fitzjohns Netherhall conservation area of Camden. This is a challenging and exciting project because an accurate match to the original leaded light windows is crucial.

Not only are we working with detailed photographs of each sash and casement window, but for precise detail we have a section of the original leaded light windows in our factory for reference.

Precision is key to authenticity and preservation. Through accurate replication of the glazing with an external putty finish, and the incorporation of flush joints and solid glazing bars, we have provided a solution to poor window performance at no detriment to the property’s historic value.

To find out more, we have a popular blog on ‘Achieving high levels of performance in the sympathetic replacement of timber windows’ or alternatively, download a copy of our dedicated Historic Range brochure.