A moving or fixed product that is designed to be a companion product installed above another window or door.
Note: Transoms often have their own separate frame or are contained within the frame of a composite unit.

Fully finished refers to the window being supplied painted and glazed. Until recently common practice has seen timber windows and doors being supplied without glass or paint and it has been the responsibility of the owner / builder / project manager to arrange for the windows to be painted and glazed. This practice can cause many problems as the work is usually done with substandard materials in substandard conditions. All of our windows are supplied as fully finished.

Sash refers to the elements of a window that fit within a frame which are designed to accommodate the glazing. Every window type will have a sash. Confusingly, some people refer to sliding sash windows or horizontal sash windows as ‘sash windows’.

The actual piece used to attach two or more window and/or door units together to form a combination.

The process of joining the units to each other.

Jamb refers to the left and right pieces forming the sides of the frame of a window or door.

Head refers to the horizontal piece forming the top of the frame of a window or door.

The horizontal piece forming the bottom of the frame on a window or door. (Also referred to as sill)

An astragal bar is our term for a glazing bar that is planted on to a piece of glass to create the impression of smaller pieces of glass. This is opposed to a glazing bar which does actually require smaller individual glazing units. An astragal bar gives a very good aesthetic replication of original narrow glazing bars, but it gives much better thermal performance.

Lead Times

Our standard lead times are 6 weeks from confirmation of drawings and specification.

A typical project will take about 8-10 weeks from order. This allows time for you to agree your specification, for us to provide you with your drawings and for you to approve them and finally allows time for us to manufacture your windows/doors and our Approved Partner to fit them. This does however vary significantly based on the size and complexity of the project.


Our Approved Partner will visit you to discuss and understand your requirements, so they are able to provide you with a quotation. Once an order has been placed, they will then usually make another visit to conduct a detailed survey to allow us to manufacture the windows and doors to your exact requirements.

Our Approved Partner, on receiving your enquiry, will contact you to explore your ideas and arrange a visit.

We have a network of Approved Partners that cover most of the UK. Please contact us with your enquiry and we will forward it to the installer that covers your area.


We select only those timber species that provide a stable base for our advanced coating system, delivering a long-lasting, low-maintenance finished product. As standard we use the following timber:

  • Frames and window sashes are manufactured from Engineered Redwood, free of knots and imperfections.
  • External mouldings and sash window linings are created in Accoya®, which has earned the highest durability rating of any timber, surviving for 25 years when submerged, uncoated, in fresh water.
  • For our doors, we use Grandis Hardwood. We also use Grandis Hardwood when a stain finish is required for your window or door because it’s clear faced attractive grain pattern exudes the natural beauty of timber.
We can also supply our windows and doors made completely from either Grandis, Oak or Accoya®.

If you are considering a translucent (i.e. stain) finish, hardwood will offer a more natural depth of colour. When a stain finish is required we use Grandis Hardwood because it’s clear faced attractive grain pattern exudes the natural beauty of timber.


We have a range of beautiful paint colours in both opaque and translucent finishes. We are also able to offer a huge range of specialist colours, which can be mixed to a RAL colour, BS number or colour matched to a sample.


Due to the wide range of products and options, at this stage it is not possible to give a meaningful cost. For us to provide you with a cost, all we require are drawings (or a photograph) or details of the products you require and their dimensions. This plus any additional information regarding options will allow our first quote to be as accurate as possible.

We offer industry leading guarantees and treat the long term care of our customers very seriously. If, in the unlikely event of a problem, we provide industry leading service.

Our complete range of window and door products are designed and manufactured in Donington, Lincolnshire, on the same site at which our business started in 1884.