About us

Where time-honoured design and twenty-first century technology meet.

At George Barnsdale we’ve been crafting the highest quality timber windows and doors for the UK’s most prestigious homes and buildings since 1884.

We blend detailed design with premium materials and cutting edge technologies to ensure our windows and doors are made to the most exacting standards and deliver only exceptional performance.

Our Approach

Few UK manufacturers could claim our depth of experience in building products that fit so precisely into a customer’s programme of work.

Our experience allows us to work with your original creative vision, however specialised and challenging the brief and develop it into a realistic, compatible and visually-compelling application that is delivered ready to be installed.

To find out more about how we will work with you, and the standards that we adhere to, please visit Our Services page.

To find out more about our approach to crafting timber windows and doors, please visit Our Services page.

Our Services