Recognising our attention to detail, our material suppliers have reinforced our guarantees, giving you the confidence of industry leading product guarantees.

10 Year Paint Guarantee 7 Year Stain Coating Guarantee 30 Year Wood Preservative Guarantee

Paint Finish

Manufacturer’s guarantee against paint coating system failure.

Stain Finish

Manufacturer’s guarantee against stain coating system failure.


Manufacturer’s guarantee against preservative failure.

10 Year Glazing Unit Guarantee 10 Year Hardware Guarantee 10 Year Weather Seal Guarantee

Glazing Unit

All drained and vented units have a 10 year manufacturer backed guarantee for supply and fit in the first five years and supply only for the remainder.



Manufacturer’s guarantee for all window and door hardware.

Weather Seals

Manufacturer’s guarantee against failure of weather seals.

Please note, the above detail is based upon our standard guarantees and are subject to change depending on product features, climate and exposure.

In addition to our guarantees providing peace of mind, we have a programme of product testing. To find out more about our approach please visit the Our Factory page.

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