Historic Timber Casement Windows

Our historic timber casement windows have been developed to satisfy planning requirements for sympathetic replacement. For an exact match with the original we incorporate butt hinges and offer a selection of narrow, putty glazed sash profiles and layouts.

We offer the option of arched heads and internal arches to the sash, as well as circular designs. All of our historic timber casement windows can be arranged as square bay, angled bay and bow layouts. Whilst we offer a number of standard designs and layouts we can manufacture to bespoke needs.

Across our Historic Range we offer a selection of glazing options; including single and slim insulated glazing units (IGUs). Also commonly referred to as narrow cavity glazing, slim IGUs have helped in finding a balance between sympathetic restoration and achieving improved levels of performance. All glazing units can incorporate machine and hand drawn glass for an authentic reflection.

Machine drawn glass on slim IGUs makes it very hard to see that there is a second pane of glass at all. The inner pane would remain modern low E float glass but with a near perfect flatness the eye only picks up on the irregularity of the machine drawn pane.

Incorporating high performance features from the Traditional Range, our historic timber windows are available with discreetly positioned dual weather seal to help retain warmth and exclude noise and moisture. For high levels of security, a multi-point locking system is fitted.

We have ensured that performance of all of our timber windows and doors is enhanced through the production process. Our factory is humidity controlled and our advanced coating system provides maximum protection to the timber, while allowing it to breathe and let its natural beauty show through.

  • Internal Historic Timber Casement Window
  • Internal photo ofHistoric Range Casement Window
  • converted mill with historic range timber casement windows
  • historic timber casement windows in a school
  • bespoke historic timber casement windows at Earls Court Underground Station
  • Kitchen with Historic wooden Casement Timber Windows

Download Technical Specifications

For Performance Data, CAD drawings and NBS Data visit our Technical Specifications page


Historic Timber Casement Windows - Key Features

casement window with historic design

Authentic Design

Replicating period design, our Historic casement windows incorporate traditional butt hinges and casement stays. For durability the butt hinges are manufactured in stainless steel and, for an accurate match to the original, they are available in a number of colour finishes.

Hsitoric Window Feature Decorative Glass

Design Customisation

We can provide almost any colour paint or stain finish. In addition, we have a selection of authentic period casement window furniture and a number of decorative glass options to choose from.

putty glazed historic timber yorkshire sash window

Original Glazing Methods

When the internally beaded glazing system is not an option, we have developed an external putty glazing system to exactly replicate the aesthetics of the original. Utilising modern materials to maximise performance, we are able to award a five year guarantee against glazing unit failure on all external putted installations.

glazing in a timber casement window

Improved Energy Efficiency

To provide a compromise between energy efficiency and authenticity, we offer slim insulated glazing units, in addition to single glazing. All of our glazing units have been tested to industry standards and are supported by a Declaration of Performance.

timber historic range casement window with multi-point locking hardware

High Security

A multi-point locking system provides locking points around the entirety of the frame. Additional security features, such as security laminated glass, can be incorporated but may be subject to planning consent in the replacement of the original casement window.

cut away showing the internals of a timber casement window

Excellent Weather Performance

For our historic timber casement windows we’ve retained the dual weather seals design. Discreetly located to not distract from the window’s authenticity, the weather seals help to retain warmth and exclude noise and moisture.


We know that replacing wooden windows and doors can be a big undertaking, and so we offer a range of services to make the undertaking as simple and pain-free as possible.


Our industry leading manufacturer backed guarantees ensure that our windows and doors will last for many years.

  • 10 Year Glazing Unit Guarantee
  • 10 Year Hardware Guarantee
  • 30 Year Wood Preservative Guarantee
  • 7 Year Stain Coating Guarantee
  • 10 Year Paint Guarantee
  • 10 Year Weather Seal Guarantee