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Hinge Adjustment Videos

A technical video showing how to adjust 2D hinges on a timber door.

A video explaining how to adjust the height on a 3D hinge of a George Barnsdale timber door.

A video showing horizontal adjustment on 3D hinges on George Barnsdale timber doors.

Video to adjust bi-fold doors.

A video explaining how to horizontally adjust a timber bi-fold door from George Barnsdale.

A video to assist with the adjustment of the centre keep and hook keeps on a George Barnsdale timber door.

A video explaining how to adjust a concealed door hinge.

A video showing our flowcoating machine which floods our timber windows and doors with preservative to ensure they last at least 60 years with minimal maintenance.

A more in depth video showing the flowcoating machine in action applying preservative to our timber windows and doors to ensure they last 60 years or more and twice as long as uPVC!

Our humidity control system works by releasing a mist of water through pressure rather than heating it up which makes it more environmentally friendly. These devices feature throughout the factory and ensure each area is kept at optimal moisture levels as our timber windows make their way from the timber store to despatch. In the paint shop alone, there are three climatic conditions for the different stages. Moisture control is critical to ensure the coatings don't fail and to ensure the long life of the products.

Wood Window Alliance Videos

Dr Gill Menzies of Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh shows how WWA wood window frames can be expected to last around 60 years - and even longer for modified timber or aluminium-clad timber frames.

Dr Gill Menzies of Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh explains how WWA timber windows are the best value over 60 or more years. And how aluminium-clad and modified wood windows are best value for severe exposure conditions.

Renewable, light and strong, wood is a natural resource.Using wood windows makes a significant contribution to low-carbon building not only because they are in themselves low carbon, but because they are energy efficient too.

Our guarantees

Our industry leading manufacturer backed guarantees ensure that our windows and doors will last for many years.

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