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Timber Bifold Doors

With their concertina design timber bifold doors allow the creation of a clear opening, providing a seamless connection with the outside. With the option of inward and outward opening doors, our designs can be configured to work exactly as the space requires.

A low profile aluminium threshold provides a smooth transition between the interior and exterior spaces. The incorporation of weather seals on the door leaves and within the track ensure that all parts of the door are well sealed, providing excellent protection from the elements. A low resistance, easy to adjust sliding mechanism provides effortless opening and closing.

All of our timber bifold door designs are provided with high levels of customisation with a choice of glazing, paints and stains and the option of dual colour. Double and triple glazing is available, with some designs allowing acoustic laminates for exceptional performance.

Traditional Range
Contemporary Range
Traditional Range
Contemporary Range
Traditional Range
Traditional Range
Traditional Range
Traditional Range
Traditional Range

Timber Bifold Doors - Key Features

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  • 1

    Multi-Point Locking (for High Security)

    A multi-point locking system provides locking points around the entire door which are engaged through simple operation of the handle.

  • 2

    Advanced Cylinder Locks (For High Security)

    We only fit cylinder locks that meet the TS007 3 Star British Kitemark and the SS312 Sold Secure diamond standards (the highest rating in both schemes). We also offer a number of key options including ‘keying alike’ and ‘master keying’.

  • 3

    Intermediate Door Handles (For Ease of Operation)

    To avoid reaching and bending to open the doorset fully, our bifold designs incorporate intermediate door handles rather than shoot bolts.

  • 4

    Magnetic Catches (For Ease of Operation)

    Discrete magnetic door catches and holders allow the swing door to hold to the adjacent panel with minimal effort.

  • 5

    Low Resistance Sliding (For Ease of Operation)

    Once the bifold door is installed, the low resistance sliding mechanism can be adjusted to ensure that it opens and closes with ease.

  • 6

    Weatherseals (For Excellent Weather Performance)

    Weather seals fixed on the door leaves and within the track ensure that all parts of the door are well sealed.

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