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Timber Casement Windows - Design

Our casement windows design process ensures we manufacture the highest quality timber casement windows on the market and in keeping with your requirements.

We offer both flush and storm-proof casement window designs for our Traditional Range, and flush casement window designs for our historic and contemporary ranges.

Both storm-proof and flush casement windows are designed and manufactured to provide excellent thermal, acoustic, weatherproof and security performance. To capture the timeless aesthetic qualities of casement windows, we offer a range of layout, glazing and paint options.

Excellent weather performance is one of our main priorities when designing our casement windows. Discretely positioned dual weather seals create a low pressure cavity, which greatly contribute to the casement window’s outstanding performance. Helping to retain the warmth and exclude both noise and moisture. So as not to detract from the authentic appearance of the casement windows.

Security is intrinsic to our casement window design approach. All casement windows are fitted with multiple locking points as standard and we can modify our standard design to meet the challenging standards of PAS 24/Part Q, with the incorporation of security laminated glass.

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Traditional Design
Historic Design
Contemporary Design

Product Options

To meet the requirements of your project, for each window design we offer a variety of different product options.

Product Type

Our flush casement has the outside sash flush with the frame and our stormproof casement overlaps the frame on the outside.

Flush Casement Window
  • Flush Casement Window
  • Stormproof Casement Window

Opening Options

* The French option has the two sash rails meeting together, whereas the false mullion option has the frame mullion attached to the second sash to visually replicate a mullion when closed.

Fixed Sash
  • Fixed Sash
Side Hung
  • Side Hung
Top Hung
  • Top Hung
French / False Mullion*
  • French / False Mullion*
  • Direct Glazed

Bay & Bow Window Options

Square Bay
  • Square Bay
Angled Bay
  • Angled Bay
  • Bow

Shape Options

Arch Top
  • Arch Top
Internal Arch
  • Internal Arch
Arch Fillet
  • Arch Fillet
Circular / Oval
  • Circular / Oval
  • Other Shapes

Frame Profile Options

Our profile options allow you to customise profile details to get the finish you require. Our options allow you to match very closely to existing details allowing you to replicate them whilst adding all of the performance features of our windows.

Frame Profiles

  • Standard
  • Ovolo
frame profile square
  • Square
  • Pencil Round

Extended Frame Profiles

Bevelled Extended
  • Bevelled Extended
Ovolo Extended
  • Ovolo Extended
frame extention square
  • Square Extended
  • Pencil Round Extended

Frame Drips

  • Head Drip
  • Transom Drip Type 1
  • Transom Drip Type 2
  • Transom Drip Type 3

Glazing Profile Options

For all of our window designs, the following options will need to be specified. Please note, matching sash bead and astragal bar profiles are available.

Glazing Profiles

  • Standard
  • Ovolo Glazing Profile
  • Pencil Round Glazing Profile
  • Historic Lambs Tongue
  • Historic Gothic
Ovolo Glazing Profile
  • Historic Ovolo
  • Historic Square
Standard Glazing Profile
  • Historic Bevel

Glazing Bars

  • 21mm Astragal Bar
  • 30mm Astragal Bar
  • Solid Bar
  • Bevelled Bar
  • Gothic Bar
  • Lambs Tongue Bar
  • Ovolo Bar
  • Square Bar

Installation Options

Our Installation Options allow you to specify details to ensure that the window fits into the property correctly. We will usually ensure that these are specified accurately in the order processing phase.

Cill Extension

Cill Extension
  • Cill Extension

Cill Side Extension

Cill Side Extension
  • Cill Side Extension

Window Board Groove

Window Board Groove
  • Window Board Groove

Our guarantees

Our industry leading manufacturer backed guarantees ensure that our windows and doors will last for many years.

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