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Timber Tilt and Turn Windows - Glazing

Our standard timber tilt and turn windows glazing system achieves very good performance across all areas, but we have a huge range of glass options available to suit your requirements. We will always make suggestions when providing a quotation, but please tell us of any specific requirements you may have.

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Traditional Glazing
Contemporary Glazing

Glazing System Options

Our glazing systems allow the window to be balance your requirements of matching existing designs and achieving high performance. If the options in the traditional range are not enough then the historic and contemporary ranges offer more.

Glazing System

Working with leading glazing suppliers we offer multiple types of glazing, all of which have proven test data to ensure that they meet our exacting performance requirements.

  • Traditional Standard
  • Our standard design uses a 59mm thick sash allowing a high performance DGU

  • Traditional Slim
  • Our slim design uses a high performance narrow unit allowing it to fit in a 44mm sash

  • Traditional Plus
  • Using a larger 68mm sash, we are able to fit triple glazed units and high performance acoustic units

  • Historic Double
  • We are able to fit a double glazed unit with narrow edge seal into the sash

  • Historic Single
  • We still offer a single glazed option for when planning requirements still stipulate it

  • Contemporary Standard
  • Contemporary Double
  • Contemporary Plus

Performance Options

The performance of the glazing can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your property. We will work with you to ensure that the specification delivers to your needs.

Thermal Performance

We offer a wide range of performance glass that allow us to achieve the right properties for your property.

  • Standard
  • As standard, we use a softcoat glass that balances insulation with heat gain from the sun to give maximum energy efficiency

  • Insulation
  • Our insulation option prioritises insulation over heat gain from the sun and is ideal when a consistent temperature is required or if the sun could overheat the building

  • Solar Reduction
  • Solar reduction glass further reduces the amount of heat gained from the sun. This is usually required when large areas of glass are present that could result in overheating

Safety & Security

The glazing unit should be specified for the safety and security requirements of the property according to building regulations, insurance requirements and your needs.

  • Standard
  • Our standard glass is suitable for most applications unless building regulations stipulate otherwise

  • Toughened
  • Toughenened glass can be stipulated on most units and is often required by building regulations for safety

  • Laminated
  • Laminated glass offers safety and security and is often required in areas accessible by intruders

  • Special Treatments
  • Special treatments such as heat soaking and heat strengthening are available on most units

Acoustic Performance

Acoustic performance can be optimised to meet noise standards defined by room type or your own specifications.

  • Standard
  • As standard our double glazed units offer good acoustic performance

  • High Performance
  • With an acoustic laminate we are able to significantly increase the level of noise reduction

  • Ultra High Performance
  • By using a large sash thickness we are able to fit very high performance acoustic glass (not available in Traditional Slim systems)

Decorative Finishes

Our decorative finishes allow you to put the finishing touches to your design.

Feature Glass

The glass can have decorative finishes applied to match existing designs or create a new look.

  • Leaded
  • We are able to replicate leaded light designs

  • Stained
  • We are able to replicate most stained glass designs with a process that uses lead and coloured film

  • Painted
  • Glass can be painted with a solid colour

  • Sandblasted

Obscure Patterns

As standard we offer stippolite, but we have a wide range of designs available. For bathrooms, we recommend an obscurity level of at least 3.

  • Pilkington Oriel Cirque™
  • Obscure Level 1

  • Pilkington Oriel Canterbury™
  • Obscure Level 2

  • Pilkington Oriel Laurel™
  • Obscure Level 2

  • Pilkington Oriel Linear™
  • Obscure Level 2

  • Pilkington Texture Chantilly™
  • Obscure Level 2

  • Pilkington Texture Reeded™
  • Obscure Level 2

  • Pilkington Texture Autumn™
  • Obscure Level 2

  • Pilkington Texture Sycamore™
  • Obscure Level 2

  • Pilkington Oriel Burdock™
  • Obscure Level 3

  • Pilkington Oriel Saturn™
  • Obscure Level 3

  • Pilkington Texture Digital™
  • Obscure Level 3

  • Pilkington Texture Taffeta™
  • Obscure Level 3

  • Pilkington Texture Contora™
  • Obscure Level 4

  • Pilkington Texture Florielle™
  • Obscure Level 4

  • Pilkington Texture Charcoal Sticks™
  • Obscure Level 4

  • Pilkington Texture Mayflower™
  • Obscure Level 4

  • Pilkington Texture Minster™
  • Obscure Level 4

  • Pilkington Texture Oak™
  • Obscure Level 4

  • Pilkington Texture Arctic™
  • Obscure Level 4

  • Pilkington Texture Stippolyte™
  • Obscure Level 4

  • Pilkington Oriel Canterbury™ Opal
  • Obscure Level 5

  • Pilkington Oriel Bay™ Opal
  • Obscure Level 5

  • Pilkington Optifloat™ Opal
  • Obscure Level 5

  • Pilkington Texture Everglade™
  • Obscure Level 5

  • Pilkington Texture Pelerine™
  • Obscure Level 5

Our guarantees

Our industry leading manufacturer backed guarantees ensure that our windows and doors will last for many years.

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