February 12, 2020

Choosing a timber window and door supplier can be a real challenge. On the face of it, they are all offering similar things; ten year guarantees, a choice of colours, fancy hardware, different styles and sizes etc. However, there are a number of  things you should always check. Here are 5 things to ask a window manufacturer:

One (1)- Environment – how environmentally friendly are the products offered and the processes used to make them? Does the company have ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certification?

Two (2)- What independent research do they have to back up their promises about the performance of the windows or doors? Compare the reports from different companies. For example, there are different categories depending where you are installing the product. A window that meets the standard for a bungalow in the Midlands wouldn’t necessarily meet the standard in a high rise block of flats on a hilly on the West Coast of Scotland.

Three (3)- Are the thermal performance figures specific to the size and style of window you are considering buying? Many figures given by manufacturers and installers relate to a standard sized window but this changes depending on the size and configuration. Ask to see specific performance data for that window.

Four (4)) – Are you able to visit the factory to see how the windows are made? This is a good way to see first hand whether the timber is stored in moisture controlled areas, whether the company manufactures to a set standard using pre-programmed specifications to ensure the windows will perform to the level promised etc. Also worth asking if they have ISO 9001:2015 certification which is a Quality Management system to ensure products and services are maintained at a high level throughout.

Five (5) Does all the timber come with a full FSC chain of custody certificate? Ask to see it.