February 7, 2020

As part of its wider commitment to sustainability and the environment, George Barnsdale is advising all its social media followers to avoid giving their loved ones the usual valentine’s day gift of roses or smellies and to buy them a tree to plant instead. Vast sums of money are spent each year on flowers wrapped in plastic and transported from all over Europe and they end up in the bin within a week or so. For around £6 a tree sapling can be bought from the Woodland Trust or other supplier and sent to a loved one to plant and watch grow for years to come, whilst helping in the drive towards planting more trees. 

Since the UK based manufacturer of windows and doors only deals in timber, trees are the lifeblood of the business and have been since 1884 when the current owner’s Great, Great, Great Grandfather set it up.

In addition to its “green factory”, always sourcing FSC certified, sustainable timber, and its Corporate membership of the Woodland Trust, the company helps architects, developers and homeowners find more environmentally friendly solutions to their fenestration requirements. 

Commenting on the latest initiative, Tracy Pomfret, Marketing Manager said: “As part of our corporate social responsibility, we are always looking at ways to support the environment and to improve our own processes. The idea for the Valentine’s Day campaign follows on from us sending tree saplings to our contacts within the construction and building industry at Christmas. They really struck a cord and it’s such a cheap and easy way for us to promote doing something thoughtful whilst helping the environment.”