February 4, 2020

Windows in any colour but always green

The world is finally waking up to the climate emergency. The UK Government has announced its zero carbon future homes standard and it’s not just architects  and construction companies in the built environment that are concerned about sustainable building and renovation, homeowners are too. For those looking to replace their windows, many are shying away from uPVC but there is always the hangover from the 70s/80s when poorly made timber windows gave the sector a bad name.

This is no longer the case. Providing you buy from a company that manufactures to the Wood Window Alliance standards, they are proven* to last twice as long as uPVC – 60 plus years! George Barnsdale goes further than this, for example adding an additional stage in its paint process which allows for a second deluge of preservative to be applied. Microporous paint which allows timber to breath is applied in moisture-controlled conditions meaning the products won’t need painting for at least ten years with minimal maintenance.

Safe in the knowledge your windows and doors will last and are good for the environment, you can focus on the exciting part like choosing colours. Our colour matching service means you can have whatever you like with the option of a different colour inside and out. Daffodil yellow anyone?
* research undertaken by Heriott Watt University and the WWACorporate membership certificate – GEORGE BARNSDALE LTDCorporate membership certificate – GEORGE BARNSDALE LTD