September 15, 2021

London Fashion Week 2021 is upon us. It’s worth reflecting on Chanel’s famous saying “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” When it comes to contemporary styling for timber windows and doors, it is often defined by the use of simplicity, subtle sophistication and clean lines though it has many variations, primarily it is about “the now” and “the future”. Though often staying close to a colour palette of black, white and grey, colours ranging from reds and oranges can be incorporated for added flair and individuality.

With the addition of timber windows and doors to your property you can easily fuse the past with the present. Through years of research George Barnsdale has grown into a state of the art timber window manufacturer using 21st century technology to transform traditional timber joinery into a work of art.

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

 Coco Chanel

You may possibly assume that a window is simply a window and a door is just a door but for George Barnsdale, the products are so much more than that. Blending detailed design with premium materials and cutting-edge technology to produce windows and doors that deliver exceptional, fully tested performance.

Some will say that your home is an extension of your personality and that extends to your windows and doors. An entrance door can say so much about you as can the style of window you choose. You may like traditional aspects such as sliding sash windows or may have a vision for what your entrance door looks like, with George Barnsdale you can have a bespoke service with many customisation options to fit your requirements.

Creating an entrance door with clean lines and a contemporary feel doesn’t need to be a challenge and with a limitless selection of colours available, it can become a doorway to your dreams.  

Learn more about our approach in working to conserve historic buildings and the planet in our upcoming CPD, The Future Of Conserving The Past, How To Sustainably Specify Timber Windows. It is set to take place on Wednesday 29th September at 1pm. Click here to sign up