October 19, 2018

When it comes to choosing double glazed/ triple glazed windows, the sash window is undoubtedly a firm favourite with our customers. The timeless design and historic look of the window dates back to the 17th century and at George Barnsdale, we offer both box sash and sliding sash. What is the difference between a box sash and a sliding sash window?

Ultimately, it simply comes down to the mechanism that works within the window.

Box sash

Box sashes are the traditional style of window, where a system of weights and pulleys on a piece of sash cord would counterbalance the sash and enable easier movement of the heavy window.
The system would be housed inside a box, built into the side of each window and hidden from view. Hence why they are called box sashes.

timber box sash window

Spiral Balances

The use of the traditional method of weights and pulleys has been reduced over the years and an updated method of using springs has started to replace it. This is known as the spiral balance method.

With many manufacturers designs, spiral balances can often be visible and look a bit unattractive. However, at George Barnsdale, we ensure the aesthetic look and feel of the window is matched to the fantastic functionality of the window. We have developed the design to conceal the balance within the frame.

The spring balance design allows for a narrower frame profile to suit modern reveal constructions

timber spiral balance sash window

Which should you choose? Box sash or sliding sash?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. You really can not go wrong with our energy efficient sash windows, whichever option you decide on.

Both options have their plus points and distinct advantages over the other, but the choice really depends on your own preference, location, opening and requirement.

Box sash is the preferred option for recreating that authentic look and feel, ideal for historic locations and Grade 2 listed buildings.

Historic Range Sliding Sash Windows in situ

Whereas spring balance will fit in perfectly with most buildings and will usually offer a cost reduction over the alternative option.

Timber Spiral Balance Sash in situ

View our range of case studies to see where box and sliding sash windows have been used to great effect.