July 17, 2012

Over the past 10 years there has been significant development in patio door equipment, providing a wide range of new opening formats, options and styles.

Traditional timber French doorsets and sliding doors have now been joined by folding sliding doors (often referred to as bi-folding doors) and even more recently tilting sliding doors.

Alongside the new opening designs there has also been an enormous step forward in the hardware quality, including improvements to operation, draught sealing, aesthetics and an increase in the number of available options.

We have worked closely with the suppliers of the best performing systems to ensure that our range of patio doorsets extract the maximum performance from the hardware. This partnership has allowed us to optimise and test our designs producing excellent performance and some unique features.

By opting to provide a complete range of patio door designs and styles, we can give you the exact design that you require, coupled with the quality and performance that characterise a George Barnsdale doorset.

Our patio doors range includes:

In addition to our Traditional Range, our patio doors are also available in our Historic Range and our Contemporary Range.

Our manufacturing process allows us to manufacture almost any style of patio door and frame configuration, allowing the patio door to be tailored to the size of the opening and the way that the room will be used.

Our patio doors are manufactured from engineered timber from sustainable sources as standard. The timber is approved by either FSC bodies and it selected for its outstanding performance and environmental credentials.