April 10, 2018

Are there any more famous fictional front doors than that of the iconic Notting Hill blue door from the movie starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts?

The plot and set may be fictional, but the famous blue door is real. Located at 280 Westbourne Park Road, in Notting Hill of course the door is the entrance to a flat valued in the region of £5m, a step up from the perceived value of the rundown bedsit from the film.

In the film Hugh may have portrayed a struggling bookshop owner, but in reality, even in 1999 before the release of the film, the location would have been quite a desirable abode. Behind the Notting Hill blue door, you enter a three-bedroomed church conversion, which is rumoured to be the actual former home of the film’s screenwriter, Richard Curtis.

Following the filming of the romcom, the flat sold for over £1.3m and its value has continued to rise ever since. For those of you still yet to see Hugh Grant’s highest grossing movie, we won’t give away any spoilers, but Notting Hill fans will of course fondly remember the scenes with the Notting Hill blue door.

Notting Hill Scene with blue door

In fact, the front door is still of huge interest to film fans and a popular tourist attraction long after its 1999 release. Although the original door was auctioned off, with the proceeds going to charity, the door has now been replaced with a replica and continues to be a hit with selfie seekers.

Notting Hill blue door

However, the flat owners have not always been so fond of the attention that the Notting Hill blue door has received. In a bid to reduce the almighty popularity of the blue door they painted it black. Unfortunately, this did not help the situation and received more adverse reactions from fans of the door, or local business owners happy with the increased traffic to the area.

Notting Hill Black Door

Thankfully, the door has since returned to its former blue glory and is still pleasing the crowds who continue to stop and admire the striking gateway to the fictional dwelling for Hugh Grant’s character and his charismatic housemate, played by Rhys Ifans.

Although we do not have access to the actual door at George Barnsdale, we have manufactured many similar doors to the famous Notting Hill blue door (as below) and can manufacture to your specific requirements for any colour and design you would like for your doors and windows.

George Barnsdale Blue Door

If you like the blue colour, but fancy something slightly different when it comes to the design, how about one of these recent door designs that we have produced?

Blue Door

We have also manufactured blue doors, and windows for a number of commercial developments, such as Gloucester Quays.

Gloucester Quays

Although the door looks a bit scruffy and rundown in some of the scenes from the movie, timber doors are very easy to maintain and ours come with a 10 year guarantee so that you do not need to worry about any laborious annual maintenance on them. We are so confident with our manufacturing and coating systems that we believe if you love the film Notting Hill, you will love our windows and doors just as much!