June 12, 2012

Tilt and turn windows have long been the standard on the continent due to their excellent weather-proofing and security features as well as the very attractive tilting vent position, but what are tilt and turn windows?

At George Barnsdale, we adopted this product very early on and have developed it to meet our quality standards and maximised its performance (it is partly from doing this that our casement windows perform so well). We can specify it as a traditional window, to tie in with the period features of your property, and also as part of our contemporary range allowing it to fit seamlessly into modern designs.

We offer a wide range of options and can accommodate nearly any design. Choose from different configurations, fittings, glazing units and / or insulated panels and a wide range of profiles. There is also a matching door profile allowing you to maintain the design across the whole property.

The tilt and turn window design is relatively flexible as it can both suit traditional properties as well as contemporary properties. With its modern square edged rebated design, large sash widths (easily accommodating large double and triple glazed units) and advanced ironmongery, the product, with the use of pencil round beading has a very contemporary appearance. This alongside our contemporary handle options, the right paint colour and a contemporary layout (very commonly a large single opening sash) gives a range of options to match into any modern building design.

In addition to product design, timber itself can have a very modern contemporary appearance and is undergoing a renaissance in modern architectural design. Our unique paint system allows the features of the timber to remain visible ensuring that it contributes to the design and feel of the building.