June 21, 2019

George Barnsdale, Lincolnshire-based manufacturer of bespoke timber windows and doors, has released its latest research data that shows the company has a world class customer satisfaction score.


Net Promoter Scores range from -100 to +100 and anything over 0 is a positive score. George Barnsdale’s customers are asked to score the company on their likelihood to recommend the company to others. The vast majority of customers choose “extremely likely”, providing an overall score of 92 in the last set of data. The NPS score defines a score of 70 or more as being a top customer-centric company that focuses on providing a positive customer experience at both the point of sale and after the sale. A score of 92 means it is most likely that the customers love the company.


Commenting on the consistently high NPS score, Tom Wright, Managing Director said, “We are totally committed to providing our customers with excellent products and services and we always go the extra mile to ensure we maintain the highest standards.”