April 3, 2019

George Barnsdale’s extensive experience of manufacturing bespoke reproduction timber windows came in very handy recently when a customer requested a replica of a period leaded light window. The original window was brought on site for our skilled craftsmen to study in detail in order to ensure as near a like for like replica as possible to satisfy planners. The production staff cut the window into sections allowing our designers to carefully measure and design the complex framework and glazing design. Precision is key to ensure the planners are satisfied with the final product.

Historic window before

Historic Window before replication


Original Historic Window

Original Historic window

Grandis Hardwood Frame

The window is made in Grandis Hardwood (FSC Certified) and finished in white (RAL9016) coating. The antique lead glazing pattern perfectly replicates the original with the benefit of being glazed with a toughened double glazing unit. Our glass has been rigorously tested and refined to ensure it beats industry standard tests  to provide the highest quality glazing available. A range of beautiful fascias, profiles and architraves were recreated and the end result is a stunning example of an historic window made using state of the art technology and hand crafted finishing. 

Commenting on the challenge of designing and manufacturing the window, Tom Wright, Managing Director said: “Historic projects like this are great to work on because they really test our skills and expertise. This requires some real old fashioned craftsmanship which is something we have been proudly delivering to our customers since 1884 and something that the team really love to get stuck into.”

This beautiful bespoke reproduction window has left the factory now and is on its way to its new home. Look out for some photos of it in situ in the future.

To find out more about sympathetic bespoke reproduction window replacement read our blog or alternatively, download a copy of our Historic Range brochure.

New Historic Window - finishing

New Historic Window – finishing

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Historic renovation window

Historic renovation window