September 15, 2021

George Barnsdale, based in Lincolnshire, is celebrating this year’s London Fashion Week with a nod to the principles of Chanel’s Róisín Pierce who champions “a return to slower more considered practice and advocating for sustainability through zero waste construction techniques”. Having supplied Chanel’s flagship Bond Street store, George Barnsdale is increasingly being chosen as the brand for the best dressed buildings in the UK.

The “Green Edit” from George Barnsdale showcases the benefits of timber windows in contributing to net zero carbon plans.

Made from fully sustainable FSC certified timber material, all George Barnsdale products are produced ethically in the UK, using processes designed to reduce waste and energy usage.

In keeping with initiatives like Livia Firth’s #30 wears fashion campaign, George Barnsdale supports #60 years long lasting windows and doors with their collection tested and guaranteed to last at least twice as long as plastic alternatives with minimal maintenance.

Adhering to some of the same ecological principles fashion is increasingly adopting, George Barnsdale’s commitment extends beyond this year’s collection but is embedded into their timeless style:

  • Materials – sustainable, recyclable, repairable, carbon neutral timber
  • Production methods to minimise impact on environment
  • Proximity – we make everything in our UK factory and are actively investing in research into English grown timber
  • Durability – from the materials we use, to the designs we create, to the way our products are made, they are designed to last a minimum of 60 years
  • Buy less often, buy better – George Barnsdale windows and doors will last at least twice as long as uPVC alternatives
  • Offsetting carbon – as corporate members of the Woodland Trust, the company is actively investing in replanting trees and creating new forests

Check out the Green edit on the catwalk here and find out why the best dressed buildings wear George Barnsdale.