April 3, 2019

As part of its ongoing commitment to research and development, George Barnsdale has announced its involvement in the latest European research project aimed at developing a performance based specification protocol to increase market confidence in wood performance.

The Clickdesign project is being coordinated by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in partnership with leading European partners. It aims to test the performance of wood under a range of challenging conditions including variation in location, microclimate, architectural design and materials used for construction. There will also be a study into fungal decay, development of a termite/insect performance measure (a first in Europe).

Upon completion of tests, it is intended that a CLICKdesign tool is developed which utilises European standards, the latest research findings and wood databases. This will enable specifiers and users to have test data at their fingertips in order to select the right timber for the right areas. For example, if termites are known to be a particular area, the tool will enable specifiers to choose timber that is most resistant.

The three year programme hopes to inspire new wood and wood based products using the tool which will create opportunities for industries to innovate.

Commenting on George Barnsdale’s involvement in the project, Stephen Wright, Chairman said: “We are delighted to be involved in this project which is one of many we have been involved in over the years. This one is particularly exciting because it should give specifiers an evidence based tool that allows them to confidently recommend timber as well as being reassuring to customers and end users.”


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