February 22, 2022

Currently there is a global shortage of Accoya timber due to a range of issues that are outside of our control. All timber suppliers have been impacted by this and it is likely to continue throughout the remainder of this year and possibly into next year.

As one of the first window and door manufacturers to use Accoya, we have learnt a great deal about it and the most effective ways to use it. In our products, it is used as standard for the most vulnerable parts of a window / door (cill extensions, box sash linings, external astragal bars and external drips). For this reason, we offer the same warranty on our standard products as we do Accoya. Furthermore, for these components, we have a much better chance of getting the material than full Accoya orders.

We will keep working with Accsys and our supply partners to manage the current situation as well as possible. However, whilst Accoya supply remains challenging, we will be able to offer you an alternative that provides the same certified high-performance product designed for long life with low maintenance. Everything has been extensively researched and tested by external bodies like the BRE, as well as Remmers, our coatings partner.