August 8, 2016

When choosing which style and material of windows to buy for your property, there are many factors which you will need to consider. One of the perceived drawbacks about timber windows is the laborious maintenance. So you may be surprised to learn that factory finished windows can not only last at least twice as long as uPVC windows, but also there is very little maintenance needed.

So why are factory finished windows low maintenance?

There is a distinct difference between fully factory finished windows and those that are painted and glazed on site. At George Barnsdale we have spent the past 20 years optimising every part of our design and production system. Through advanced technologies we ensure that we get the maximum performance with minimal maintenance – and we achieve this by:

  • Extensive preparation for painting including end grain sealing and joint sealing, to protect the vulnerable parts of the timber.
  • Internally beaded glazing systems, protecting the weakest part of the glazing system from the elements.
  • 3mm rounds on all corners as standard allowing the paint to have a constant thickness (if paint is applied to a sharp edge, its film thickness will be smaller and it will erode faster).
  • Humidity controlled factory, ensuring that the timber is kept at the right moisture content throughout the production process.
  • An advanced coating line with precise application by robot with an ultra-high humidity flash off area allowing the coating to settle.
  • Extensive checks between coats to ensure that the timber is correctly coated and the finish is applied to our exacting standards.
  • Micro-porous coating -a four-stage application process which provides maximum protection to the timber, while allowing it to breathe and letting its natural beauty show through.


So what maintenance is required?

We provide a standard ten year guarantee on paint finishes because of the premium materials that we use and the way in which we apply the coating. In reality we are confident that the coating will last much longer, as long as some simple maintenance is carried out. This can be done in just three easy steps:

  • Clean your windows and doors of any dirt or residue at least on a quarterly basis. Regular cleaning will help to prevent any excessive mould build.
  • With every purchase of our products we supply a complimentary careset. We strongly advise that the careset is applied to all external exposed surfaces on an annual basis. This is a simple two-stage process, consisting of a cleaning fluid and a clear balsam. When applying the careset, it is also a great opportunity to look for any signs of damage or wear to the window, where recoating may be required. The things to look out for are flaking or cracking of the paint coating; significant loss of colour/sheen in the paint finish or exposed timber.
  • Repair any visible damage according to our remedial instructions.

And if any repainting is needed, factory fitted timber windows are a much simpler job than with old wooden windows. We supply full guidance in our Owners’ Manual. The video below is a guide from The Wood Window Alliance into recoating wooden windows.

Top Tips:

  • It’s important to note that product finishes can be affected if they are exposed to harsh climates, such as exposed coastal areas and areas at high altitude. We will advise you on this as this may affect the standard guarantee term.
  • Dark paint colours absorb more of the sun’s heat which causes more strain on the coating itself and more movement in the timber. If you need any extra guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01775 823000 or email