December 21, 2021

At George Barnsdale we take pride in ensuring our products all come with the highest security available to us. That includes continuous research and development into the latest products on the market that can create optimal security for your home.  

Front door to Lincolnshire home with the added security of the AV3 autolock.

Securely closing doors, convenience and a tight seal are precisely what you can expect from Winkhaus’ automatic multi-point locking system. The latest AV3 system adds innovative sealing elements and practical daytime latch which can be adapted to meet your individual requirements.  

The AV3 locking system provides cutting edge technology, the Winkhaus multi-point lock is extremely secure and will lock automatically upon closing the door and there is no need to lock with a key. The convenience of being able to temporarily release the lock also makes it easy if you’re just nipping out to the car or bringing in shopping. There will be no unwanted draughts and no premature warping of your door with the durable sealing elements providing the ultimate resistance and stability.  

Secure locking system for George Barnsdale timber doors featured on an entrance door

Our entrance doors are a representation of your home and while they present an air of elegance and welcome, they need to give you reassurance that they are also secure. We take every measure to ensure the highest security performance in our products. Our products are security tested to PAS24, they also meet the requirements of secured by design and Part Q. A comment from one of our recent case studies, Racecourse Farmhouse, Sue Wheeler commented that ‘due to the increased security from our new doors we now have lower insurance premiums.’ You can read the full case study by clicking here.