December 20, 2021

For many self-builders and property developers alike, choosing the right windows for your property comes with many choices yet glazing is possibly the most important. Over recent years the option of triple glazing has become increasingly more popular, primarily due to its increased energy efficiency.

What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing uses three panes of glass in a sealed glazing unit instead of the two panes used in double glazing. These panes of glass are separated by a pocket of air or gas, such as argon gas. Argon gas is heavier than air and therefore works as an insulator both acoustically and thermally. This third layer of glass sits halfway between the inner and outer glass and creates two air pockets instead of the one found in double glazing.

Multiple layered glazed windows were first patented in the 1930s in America, but triple glazing has only recently started to become popular due to their high thermal and acoustic performance.  

Is triple glazing worth it?

The key benefits of triple glazing comes down to the reduction of noise pollution and less heat is lost as the extra layer makes it more difficult for heat to escape allowing you to effortlessly maintain the temperature in the room and eliminating any energy wastage. To add to this, you will notice a reduction of condensation occurring in your window. In our products we use warmedge spacer bars which not only add to the thermal performance of your window but unlike most other spacer bars, they have a good capacity for the desiccant to soak up any moisture.

While triple glazing is not soundproof you will still notice a quieter home as the additional glass and gas provide an increased barrier between your home and the outside. Perfect for homes located near busy roads!

We offer a wide selection of timber windows which you can add triple glazing to.

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