January 21, 2022

Manufacturer of timber windows and doors George Barnsdale has renewed their membership with Made In Britain for another year.

George Barnsdale continues their membership with Made in Britain

Made in Britain is a leading collective which brings together the British manufacturing community, making it easy for consumers to understand where their purchase is coming from. Following Brexit, consumers are increasingly recognising the value of buying products which are manufactured in Britain and the quality they are going to receive.  

‘’We are delighted to continue our journey with Made in Britain. Having made our products from the same site in Lincolnshire for over 130 years, our products have only ever been made in Britain and we continue with the same ethos towards quality and performance.” Commented Tom Wright, Managing Director of George Barnsdale.

Bearing the mark of Made in Britain shows George Barnsdale’s alliance with the values of the scheme making it clear to buyers and consumers that they uphold the highest standards, values transparency, sustainability and ethical business practices.