August 21, 2018

replacement wooden windows in a detached house

When researching which windows and doors to have in your property, one of the great debates is the choice between timber and uPVC. uPVC windows are often favoured, as homeowners believe they provide better value for money than timber windows. So you will be amazed to learn that timber windows actually triumph uPVC in this debate, offering exceptional value for money and lasting twice as long as plastic windows!
The Look:
Although the quality of uPVC has improved over recent years to offer a range of colours and textures, timber windows are the only material which looks in keeping with older properties and can be painted in any colour you like. They give an authentic traditional detail, such as joints, narrow glazing bars, and integral horns without sacrificing performance – nothing looks or feels quite the same as timber.
uPVC windows are often the cheaper option initially but rarely offer the best value as timber windows will actually last at least twice as long. The initial investment for Timber windows is high, but factory fitted timber windows are built to last, whilst adding style and value to any property.
There used to be the misconception that Timber windows were high maintenance, but timber actually doesn’t require much more maintenance than uPVC. Through advanced coatings systems, the life performance of timber windows has dramatically increased over recent years and George Barnsdale factory finished windows only need repainting every 10 years. A repaint brings them back to their original condition and if you wish to, this is a great opportunity to change the colour – not an option if you have uPVC windows. Plus, timber windows are also much easier to repair!
The only maintenance that is required for timber windows is to clean your windows on a quarterly basis, apply careset annually (supplied by us with every order) and lubricate the hardware of the frame – similar to the maintenance required for uPVC.
Energy Efficiency:
George Barnsdale manufactures high quality double glazed timber windows which improve the thermal insulation of a property without changing its appearance – saving you money on fuel bills. Plus, timber is a naturally insulating material so helps to keep in the warm and out the cold.
Customisation :
Timber windows give you the option for a range of styles including sliding sash, tilt and turn casement, even bespoke designs. You can add personality to your new windows through glass options and custom colours which can complement the look of your home and showcase your personal style.
Timber windows offer warranties up to 30 years, whereas uPVC windows typically have a 10-year warranty.
The Environment:
Wood is the greenest choice of window material. Studies show its superiority across a range of environmental impacts. For every Wood Window Alliance window that is fit instead of a uPVC window, around 160kgs of carbon dioxide is saved.

Top tips:

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