August 15, 2018

What does your home mean to you? Is it just a place to stay in? A roof over your head? A place to keep dry? Or is it a whole lot more than that? And what are your views on home décor?

Following research carried out by The Wood Window Alliance, it was found that 66% of British Homeowners believe that their home is an extension of their personality, with 28% saying that their home is an actual fashion statement.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors when it comes to home décor and primary areas to stamp your own personality on the appearance of your house are the windows and doors. Colour choices and range styles are proving to be an important part of what people think about your style. The good news for us here at George Barnsdale is that timber is back to the preferred material in the market.

With a combined effort to eliminate plastic from our homes and the additional environmental benefits of wood, timber frames are now top of buyers wish lists.

Britain is belatedly entering a plastic-free renaissance, and 23% homeowners plan to decrease the amount of plastic in the home. Following the extensive media and social network coverage of the legacy of living in a plastic-convenience-generation, and concerns around the build-up of plastics waste, homeowners are realising that products such as PVC-u windows, fall into the category of single-use plastic and are beginning to address the issue.
The WWA research also shows that 47% of Brits believe that having natural materials such as timber in their home makes us feel happier and 67% say that wood is the most desirable material for doors and windows.

More and more of our clients are adding new and unique colour combinations to make their mark on the neighbourhood and with the increasing costs of relocation putting movers off, homeowners prefer to redecorate.

With 39% of British homeowners deciding they would like to change the look of their home more often, timber frames are seen as the go-to choice for their ability to be sanded down and redecorated at ease.

We blogged earlier in the year about what the colour of your front door says about you and it turns out that the style of frames also says a lot about your personality. Bill Wallsgrove from the Design Council suggests:

“Colour psychology has really come to the fore as a consumer trend in recent years. People are looking for colours that will evoke feelings or make a statement. For example, the rise in working from home has seen people searching for calming colours to use in their home offices,
of which blues and greys are very popular. Adding a statement colour such as a purple adds a feature to the room and helps to make it a motivating space to work.”

Colour choices for your home décor are important when it comes to selling your home also, read our blog on what is the best colour door to sell your house. In addition, estate agents are in agreement that the state of your frames and the material used is of increasing importance when it comes to selling your home.

Our customers are also using new shapes and styles to really stamp their personality on their plots, we have been involved with some very individual and bespoke designs over the last few years and have the ability to manufacture pretty much any shape or size frame our clients require.

Our product ranges enable the homeowner to modernise the look of their home without compromising on performance, with our variety of windows.

Whether you are looking to redecorate or relocate, updating your home décor with timber window frames and doors is not only better for the environment, but gives you the ability to change your mind and allows you to make your mark in a way that you will love.